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Opportunities to grow your career

TheLINK region is home to more than 90 manufacturing and industrial operations that make up the largest employer sector. From international production giants to home-grown manufacturing dynamos, this region is diversified and growing. An excellent quality of life and high-skilled job opportunities are just a few reasons why you should consider Lee and Sumter Counties, South Carolina. 

manufacturing operator working on a machine

Job Opportunities

Our region is home to top global companies offering high-skill jobs with competitive wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

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In TheLINK Region

Modern manufacturing is fast-growing and full of high-tech careers.

Plentiful - profitable, words that describe industrial opportunities in TheLINK region. With more than 90 internationally recognized companies, Sumter and Lee Counties offer long standing sustainable employment through a growing advanced manufacturing sector. 

Top Manufacturing Employers by # of Employees

Company's Name
Continental Tire
Passenger and light truck tires
Sumter County
Pilgrim's Inc.
Fresh and frozen poultry
Sumter County
BD Diagnostics
Disposable blood collection devices-medical
Sumter County
Electrical distribution equipments
Sumter County
Santee Print Works
Fabric engraving, printing, dying, finishing, and testing services
Sumter County
Precision bearings
Sumter County
Crown Health Care Laundry
Commercial linen and laundry processing
Lee County
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
Produces canned and bottled beverages
Lee County
Ardagh Metal Beverage
Bottling plant for Coca-Cola
Lee County
Martech Research, LLC
Natural Food Additives-R&D
Lee County
Map of Sumter and Lee Counties

Industry Snapshot

Click below to download an industry report about employment, wages, GDP, Post-secondary programs, and more in TheLINK region. 

Image of door opening in Downtown Sumter
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Lee & Sumter, South Carolina 

Economic Development Alliance

TheLINK is a public-private economic development organization charged with facilitating the creation of jobs and the investment of capital in our region. 

Contact Information

10 E. Liberty St., Sumter, SC 29150

Toll Free: 800.888.7926

Phone: 803.418.0700


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