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An investment in THELINK Alliance – 501(C) (3) provides the fuel to keep moving this region forward. Every investment is matched dollar for dollar through a special legislative proviso. An increase in the number of well-paying jobs in the region boosts increased per capita income, increased disposable income, increased employment, resources, quality of life venues, and talent development programming. 

Be a Team Player

Investing in TheLINK Alliance elevates our efforts for Economic Development. Investments allow us to more aggressively pursue and attract global business. Ultimately, Industrial Development yields commercial development. Restaurants, retail, and recreational settings materialize with an increased tax base provided by economic growth.

When you invest, we all win!

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Why Invest?


Support talent development


Network with allies and partners 


Enjoy the growth of commercial amenities 


Investors enjoy exclusive benefits and services

Some of Our Investors

Contribute to Economic Prosperity 

Submit application and pay through PayPal or contact Eliza Buxton directly at We look forward to more success for all of us as we join together to support TheLINK Economic Development Alliance.

Thanks for submitting!

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Lee & Sumter, South Carolina 

Economic Development Alliance

TheLINK is a public-private economic development organization charged with facilitating the creation of jobs and the investment of capital in our region. 

Contact Information

10 E. Liberty St., Sumter, SC 29150

Toll Free: 800.888.7926

Phone: 803.418.0700


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