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Why Live Here?

In addition to being an ideal location for growing a business, TheLINK Region is a great place to raise a family. With a population of more than 122,000 residents, this region has the population to support most big city amenities like museums, theatres, and music venues while maintaining a feel of Small Town, USA.

If you're looking for quality experiences and lasting memories, we've got it all here! This region boasts a rich history and provides a short drive to the beach and a picturesque route to the mountains. Charming scenery to lush greenery makes this an ideal location for family, friends, and just plain fun.

We Have It All...

We Have It All...

Cost Of Living 

The region's cost of living is 10.5% lower than the national average. 

Affordable Housing

The region offers an affordable place to live compared to the U.S. average.


Safety is not just a priority, it is a mission.

Quality of Place

There's a true sense of belonging and value in TheLINK region.

People shopping at the grocery store

 A lower cost of living provides more options. The region boasts a cost of living expense that falls 10.5% below the national average; that means your dollars stretch further HERE.

Low Cost of Living

Offering quality and affordable homes, the region boasts a median housing value 49% below the national average.

Houses in a residential neighborhood

Affordable Housing

Safe Communities

Well-trained law enforcement protects and connects with the community. This entails implementing programs to promote positive interactions, while also being ready to respond at a moment's notice. This region has seen a sharp reduction in crime over the last 10 years.

Security and safety in Sumter County is a community effort as law enforcement and citizens rely on each other to prevent crime and to solve crime. Sumter County Sheriff’s Office partners with local schools, churches, and organizations to discuss security and safety through numerous programs and outreach projects. Through these interactions, our deputies build rapport and trust with citizens who feel comfortable voicing their concerns and providing tips, and who are confident that we are working hard for them."

Profile picture of Sheriff Anthony Dennis

Sheriff Anthony Dennis

Poinsett State Park Picture

Poinsett State Park

Exciting trails for biking, hiking, and walking -- Poinsett combines relaxation with recreation and is the pinnacle of all things nature. 

Lifestyle! Tastes! Hobbies! TheLINK region has something for everyone.