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Nova Molecular To Break Ground On New Facility In Sumter, SC

Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. (Nova), a manufacturing company and lead producer of high-purity solvents will break ground on a new facility in the Pocotaligo East Industrial Site located off of US 521 in Sumter on Thursday, August 12th at 3:00 pm. The new facility is a part of Nova’s operation expansion that will bring $14.9 Million in investment and 25 new jobs as announced in the fall last year.

Founded in 1991, Nova’s high-value solvent Recovery and Return program helps companies reduce costs, increase supply certainty and improve sustainability initiatives. The expansion is expected to be completed by 2024.

Individuals interested in joining the Nova team should visit for more information.

Company and local officials commented on Nova’s expansion in Sumter in the original announcement:

“Nova began considering options in four states including South Carolina. All sites were located within Opportunity Zones which will provide significant tax benefits which will be reinvested back into the business. The Sumter, S.C. site was selected due to the proximity of the existing production facility to utilize and expand the outstanding Sumter community workforce we currently enjoy. The proximity also allows for better collaboration between sites. The financial incentives offered by the local and state governments were very competitive as well as the favorable corporate tax structure.” -Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. Chairman of the Board Jon Michael Clumpner

“It is always exciting to publicize and acknowledge the growth of a company in our county that has been an exceptional leader and partner in not only their line of business, but also in community cooperation and support. Increasingly, in the company’s time in Sumter, they have proven their desire to provide excellence in service to corporate customers and support to the well-being of our region.” -Sumter County Council Chair Jim McCain

“For more than a decade, Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. has provided superior service to Fortune 500 companies from around the globe from their Sumter operations facility. That, coupled with their announcement of an expansion, speaks volumes about the quality of work and workers that transpire in this region. We have long pursued and will continue to seek solutions to match world-class employers with exceptional employees that meet and exceed their expectations in order to respond to business needs. We are thrilled that Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. is growing and also for our community which will benefit greatly from this investment and job creation.” -Sumter Economic Development Board Chair Greg A. Thompson.

Five Fast Facts

● Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. is breaking ground on a new facility in Sumter.

● The ceremony will be held Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 3:00 pm in the Pocataligo East Industrial Site in Sumter.

● The operations expansion is expected to be completed by 2024.

● The expansion is bringing more than $14.9 Million and creating 25 new jobs.

● Nova Molecular Technologies is a manufacturing company and lead producer of high-purity solvents.

### The mission of the Sumter Economic Development is to be the galvanizing force of Sumter County’s economic development effort by creating wealth for all citizens of Sumter County by increasing per capita income and supporting the creation of well-paying jobs.


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