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Emerging Leaders is designed for High School Juniors

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Program is to prepare students to make a positive difference in their communities. Participants are selected because of their proven leadership qualities and are therefore expected to observe the highest standards of behavior while setting an example for others to follow. This Code of Responsibility is intended to describe

minimum acceptable standards and the consequences of failure to meet these standards.

Emerging Leaders, a year-round leadership experience for high school juniors, introduces economic and community development concepts to students through monthly interactive sessions. Participants strengthen soft skills and self-awareness while learning from professors, career professionals and practical situations. At the completion of the program, students earn 3 college credits through the University of South Carolina- Sumter Campus as well

as placement on a community board or committee to serve as Regional Ambassadors for community events during their Senior year.

January is Local Government Month for the Emerging Leaders program. Students attend City and County Council Meetings to see legislation in action. Here students are with Sumter Mayor and City Councilman after the January 17th meeting.

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White Man
Feb 18, 2023

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