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East Coast Components Announces Expansion

East Coast Components, Inc., a wooden truss manufacturer, has announced an expansion to their Bishopville, SC facility. Formerly, Agtruss, the company became East Coast Components October 7, 2020 and has more than 20 years of meeting the residential, commercial and agricultural needs of Lee County and beyond. The $500,000 investment will create 6 new jobs for the facility located at 316 Industrial Blvd in Bishopville, SC.

“Lee County is ripe for industrial growth, positioned for logistical superiority and open to helping businesses become industrial leaders. It is this openness and dynamic leadership we value and look forward to for continued growth and success.” Reece Holley, Co-Owner, East Coast Components, Inc.

When companies in Lee County expand, it demonstrates that we have all the necessary components for businesses to start here and stay here. We are excited that East Coast Components recognizes these assets and will continue to call Bishopville home.” – Travis Windam, Chair, Lee County Council

“It is always our goal to create an environment that stimulates growth and progress for our businesses and our citizens. East Coast Components’ decision to expand in Lee County demonstrates the value of our efforts and is indeed a major win for this region.” Gordon Eckley, Chair, TheLINK Economic Development Alliance


East Coast Components is expanding in Bishopville, SC. The $500,000 investment is creating 6 new jobs. The company, formerly Agtruss became East Coast Components October 7, 2020. East Coast Components is located at 316 Industrial Blvd in Bishopville, SC. The expansion is expected to be complete in December 2022.

About TheLINK Economic Development Alliance

TheLINK Economic Development Alliance is a public-private economic development organization charged with facilitating the creation of jobs and the investment of capital in our region. Governed by a board of directors comprised of business leaders and public officials throughout Lee and Sumter Counties, SC, TheLINK is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization recognized by the South Carolina Secretary of State. ###


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